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Pyrolysis takes place as part of both gasification and combustion.

Royal Ceramic tiles

Royal Ceramic Company is the first tiles producer in the Bangladesh, producing long-lasting porcelain of superior quality. Featuring a wide range of porcelain tiles including normal, polished and glazed, the porcelain tiles have an elegant look, have heavy weight endurance and cover a diversity of sizes and designs.

Ceramic Basin

The company produces those markers in two basic colors, yellow and white: each color performs a specific traffic purpose.

Ceramic Floor tiles

The accessories include mirrors, mixers, bathtubs, toilet seat covers, flushing systems, as well as grout and tile adhesive materials and other various materials for the fixing of tiles.

Ceramic Mosaic

Tiles are produced according to the norms of international standards. Royal Ceramic Company produces a variety of ceramic tiles including wall tiles, floor tiles and decoration tiles, featuring innovative textures and varnishes. There is also a section for producing decoration tiles, skirting tiles and tile accessories of different sizes and designs.

Royal Tiles

The Upcoming Royal Ceramics Ltd

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Ceramics tiles

Royal Ceramics Ltd is coming soon

Royal Ceramics Ltd

Royal Ceramics Ltd is coming soon such as sanitary ware

Ceramic tiles

Royal Ceramics Ltd is coming soon

Royal Ceramic Ltd

Royal Ceramics Ltd is coming soon

ceramic tiles

ceramic tiles demand

Demand for ceramics is primarily led by an increase in construction activities of locally as well as globally and rising demand for new residential houses in buildings. Asia Pacific dominates the global market for ceramics. The Royal Taiba study provides information on restraints, drivers and opportunities along with their impact on the overall market during the forecast period.

The report segments the market based on application and region, and offers estimates and forecast of the ceramics market for each segment.There is also a section for producing decoration tiles, skirting tiles and tile accessories of different sizes and designs.

Market Competition

China ceramics industry has been booming nationwide through decades of development and several rounds of industrial transfer. In terms of competition pattern, China building ceramics industry features a low market concentration rate. Still we have to analyze the competition to mainstream of the tiles industry. Ceramics are produced according to the norms of international standards.

Tiles market segment

Ceramics Market – Product Segment Analysis Floor Tiles Wall Tiles Other Tiles Ceramic Tiles Market – Application Analysis Residential Replacement Commercial New Residential Others like facades, counter-tops etc. Ceramic Tiles Market – Regional Analysis


Market share

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Industry Analysis

Ceramics are primarily used as floor tiles in residential replacement applications

Floor tiles accounted for approximately forty percent of the total ceramic products consumed in the same year. In the residential replacement industry, ceramics are used for many purposes such as designing, floor and wall fittings, protection from rain and moisture, and other environmental hazards. Residential replacement, besides having maximum market share, is also expected to be the fastest growing application segment of ceramics.

Similarly, the floor tiles product category within the ceramic market boasts the maximum share and has the fastest growth. Floor tiles were followed by wall tiles, and other tiles that include counter-top, facade, and so on, respectively. Wall tiles alone accounted for approximately 40% of the total ceramic tiles market in 2012. The increasing applications of all types of ceramic tiles are expected to drive the global ceramic market.South East Asia emerged as the leading market for ceramics and accounted for 66.65% of the global demand nowadays.

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