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Royal Porcelain is a ceramic material made by heating materials, generally including kaolin, in a kiln to temperatures between 1,200 and 1,400 °C

Porcelain Ceramics

The toughness, strength and translucence of porcelain, relative to other types of pottery, arises mainly from vitrification and the formation of the mineral materials within the body at these high temperatures. Properties associated with porcelain include low permeability and elasticity; considerable strength, hardness, toughness, whiteness, translucency and resonance; and a high resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock. Porcelain has been described as being completely vitrified, hard, impermeable, translucent, and resonant. However, the term porcelain lacks a universal definition and has been applied in a very unsystematic fashion to substances of diverse kinds which have only certain surface-qualities in common practice.

Table ware

Bone china table ware is a type of soft-paste porcelain that is composed of bone ash and kaolin. It has been defined as ware with a translucent body containing a minimum of 30% of phosphate derived from animal bone and calculated calcium phosphate. Its high strength allows it to be produced in thinner cross-sections than other types of porcelain.

Stone ware

Another table ware is a vitreous or semi-vitreous ceramic made primarily from stoneware clay or non-refractory fire clay. This ceramic is fired at high temperatures. Vitrified or not, it is nonporous; it may or may not be glazed. One widely-recognised definition is from the Combined Nomenclature of the local Communities, an international industry standard states “Stoneware, which, though dense, impermeable and hard enough to resist scratching by a steel point, differs from porcelain because it is more opaque, and normally only partially vitrified. It may be vitreous or semi-vitreous. It is usually brownish because of impurities in the clay used for its manufacture, and is normally glazed.

Royal Ceramics Ltd

table ware
table ware


We will be engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying ceramic crockery such as ceramic coffee mugs, pipe handle coffee mugs, designer pipe handle coffee mugs and gold series pipe handle coffee mugs that are available.

Royal Taiba

Royal Taiba will be the preferred manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a massive range of Handicraft Items. Our product assortment is vastly appreciated for its impeccable designs, flawless finishing and appealing looks.


We are manufacturer and supplier of ceramic crockery, domestic ceramic crockery and printed ceramic crockery, crockery machinery. Also offering other products such as institutional crested wares, dinner set, hotel ware, cup saucer and coffee set.


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Tableware is the dishes normally used for setting a table, serving food in the dining table. It includes cutlery, glassware, serving dishes and other useful items for practical as well as decorative purposes. Special occasions are usually reflected in higher quality tableware. Dinnerware is another term used to refer to tableware and crockery refers to ceramic dishes in everyday use as differentiated them from the fine porcelain and bone china. Table settings or place settings are the dishes, cutlery and glassware used for formal and informal dining. In Bangladesh such items are normally referred to as thala, the word being an English language phonetic spelling of the word plate, the town from which so much dish came. Setting the table refers to arranging the tableware, including individual place settings for each diner at the table as well as decorating the table itself in a manner suitable for the occasion. Tableware and table decoration is typically more elaborate for special occasions. Unusual dining locations demand tableware be adapted.

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