Pyrolysis is the precursor to gasification

Pyrolysis differs from other processes like combustion and hydrolysis in that it usually does not involve reactions with oxygen, water, or any other reagents. In practice, it is not possible to achieve a completely oxygen-free atmosphere. Because some oxygen is present in any it’s system, a small amount of oxidation occurs. It occurs whenever food is exposed to high enough temperatures in a dry environment, such as roasting, baking, toasting, or grilling. It is the chemical process responsible for the formation of the golden-brown crust in foods prepared by those methods.

Pyrolysis offers the possibility of de-coupling (time, place and scale), easy handling of the liquids and a more consistent quality compared to any solid biomass. With fast its a clean liquid is produced as an intermediate suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Ball Clay

Ball Clay

Ball Clay is a variety of Kaolinite, like china-clay. It differs from china-clay in having high plasticity and less refractoriness. In chemical composition, ball and china clays do not differ greatly except that the former contains a larger proportion of silica. It...



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Pet flakes

Pet flakes

Cold Wash Pet Bottle Flakes With the help of our skilled professionals, we are engaged in manufacturing, trading and supplying an excellent quality range of Hot and Cold Wash Pet Bottle Flakes. These are processed using the utmost quality basic material and latest...

Fast pyrolysis is a process in which organic materials are rapidly heated to 450 – 600 °C in the absence of air. Under these conditions, organic vapors, it gases and charcoal are produced. The vapors are condensed to bio-oil. Typically, 60-75 wt.% of the feedstock is converted into oil.

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